About Us

Digifilming & IFTA Film Institute

Digifilming is the only online and offline film institute ( School ) in its kind, which gives practical audio-visual knowledge to the students in Hindi and English. The key person of the Digifilming, Mr. Samar K Mukherjee, is a director, producer and an ad filmmaker, who has designed all kinds of filmmaking courses with his practical experiences and IFTA's technical and creative team. The certification of Digifilming online course is governed by IFTA ( Isha Film and Television Academy) which designs the entire syllabus, course pattern and examination method. IFTA also conducts different practical live workshops for filmmaking related subjects. Students of online courses and workshops can get solutions of any doubt, anytime from Digifilming as well as IFTA.

About Samar K Mukherjee

Mr. Samar K. Mukherjee is an electronics and telecommunication engineer. He has made many scientific and technical inventions and has won many gold medals at national level and brought laurels for himself in this field. It is this particular knowledge of digital cinematic technology which has helped him give a personal touch to most of his work, which, for this very reason, stand out from the crowd. He is a masterful storyteller who pays keen attention to each aspect of filmmaking.

Digifilming Online Audio visual Classes are practically taught by award-winning Filmmaker and Director Mr. Samar K Mukherje, in a virtual-world environment with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

We Are The Best

You don't have to have a bachelor's or graduate degree in film in order to become a successful film maker—but you do need to have talent and professional knowledge of the industry. Our courses are designed to teach students and professionals in and outs of actually putting their vision on screen and putting their filmmaking skills to the test. Students will learn a variety of concepts from Video capturing and editing to more advanced techniques like creating Cinematic films, Ad films, Documentaries, Serials, Web series and all kind of audio visuals. We are offering various online and offline courses, seminars and workshops related to filmmaking and acting/modelling.

We Are Creative

Digifilming is a powerhouse of ideas. Learning filmmaking from Digifilming gives one the right wings to express themselves through cinematic visual storytelling and reach out to masses. IFTA provides best audio visual practical tutorials in Hindi and mixed english language.

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